Neuro Emotional Technique

What is Neuro Emotional Technique, or NET?

NET is based on a proven combination of the latest scientific research and centuries-old techniques used in acupuncture and Eastern healing. NET was developed by Scott Walker, D.C. while studying acupuncture to help his chronically injured patients better recover. Dr. Walker also wondered why some patients seemed to “self-sabotage” themselves. For instance, why would a patient who was almost healed from a car accident injury, end up getting in another car accident, over and over again?

What Dr. Walker learned while studying acupuncture, is that in Eastern healing, it’s been known for centuries that if an emotional event occurs that is not properly “worked through”, it is stored physically in the body. And the Eastern healers have known which emotions are stored in which organs. Dr. Walker took that knowledge and combined it with chiropractic techniques he already knew, and was able to develop a way to get rid of the emotional event that had been stored, sometimes for decades!

How Do Emotions Affect My Health?

Emotions such as fear, anger, grief and many others can impact us long after the original event that caused them. When our body fails to “let go” of these emotions we can find ourselves with unexplained aversions, self-sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, phobias and many chronic physical problems.

Neuro Emotional Technique, or NET, can identify and help you let go of “stuck” emotional patterns.

Does Everyone Have Stuck Emotional Patterns?

Yes, this is true. While our emotions bring richness to our lives, many times they don’t fully resolve on their own. When they don’t, they can affect our physical health, relationships and sabotage our success.

Why Are Emotions Stored in the Body?

No one knows for sure. It seems emotions don’t resolve properly at times when our body’s resistance is compromised. My job is to find these unresolved emotions and help you finally discharge them in a healthy way.

Does NET Take the Place of Psychotherapy?

No. Locating and resolving these emotional snapshots from the past does not take the place of counseling, analysis or other types of therapy. Rest assured that I will make appropriate referrals as necessary.