Our Unique Factor

Our practice is unique because we offer techniques that address all three areas of health–Structure, Nutrition/Chemistry, and Emotions.

Structural Improvement

In our office, structural correction of the spine is done scientifically without guessing. Chiropractic examinations and any necessary X-rays are used to determine where specific Vertebral Subluxations are located. The best method to improve the spine and nervous system can then be determined. Specific chiropractic adjustments are given at the proper time and area of the spine for the best results possible.

Nutritional Improvement

Contact Reflex Analysis, or CRA, allows us to see if there are any specific nutritional requirements that can help you recover more fully. Many times, by using the correct specific nutritional supplement, patients are able to greatly improve their recovery from illness, energy level, moods, and overall body functions.


Neuro Emotional Technique, or NET, is a chiropractic technique that allows us to address any emotional components that may be interfering with your complete healing and recovery.