New Patient Information

Scheduling Your First Appointment

Please call our office at 641-756-3740 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Jeanne Staudt. Please make sure to tell us if you would like to schedule appointments for your entire family, so we can allow plenty of time to serve you.

Preparing for Your First Appointment

Prior to the start of your first appointment you will need to complete an intake form.

What to Expect During Your First Appointment

Please allow 30-60 minutes for this first visit. The doctor will ask you about your current health concerns, past medical history and your healthcare goals. We look at the entire person, not just parts or problems.

After the consultation, the doctor will examine your spine and nerve system, and may recommend X-rays of your spine. After careful analysis of these examination findings, the doctor will know the best way to take care of your problem.

If the doctor feels that a referral to a different chiropractor or a medical provider is necessary, she will make that recommendation.